Driving Decarbonization with ESG Excellence

Zelestra’s global mission is to make decarbonization a reality for our partners: we’re dedicated to a cleaner planet, aiming to leave a positive legacy for generations to come, and working tirelessly to do things right. 




Helping the Earth to get back to Zero 

We aim to make decarbonization a reality for our customers and leave our positive mark on the world. We want to drive a green transition that fosters innovative eco-societies that contribute to global environmental goals. 


Co-creating the future 

We aim to drive excellence for our customers and contribute to developing the full potential of our suppliers and employees. Our mission is to leave a legacy that ensures the promotion of green jobs in the communities where we operate. 


Sustainable Growth through ESG Excellence  

Our long-standing expertise and track-record speak for us. We blend global reach with local insight. We harness diverse carbon-free energy technologies, balancing cost, and resilience. We work with our partners to co-create tailor-made, innovative solutions.

Who We Are 

Co-creator for innovation
A multi-tech enabler
A global player
A reliable partner

To have a real impact 

You’ll be part of an industry that is creating a better future for all of us.