Our Beliefs

They are the cornerstone of our culture and guide our actions every day. These beliefs are the driving force behind everything we do.

We work tirelessly to do things right 

Consistently fulfilling commitments and making promises we can keep is paramount, prioritizing honesty and transparency in all interactions. Committed to delivering work we can be proud of; we go the extra mile and proactively address any issues we encounter. 

We raise our hands whenever we see something that is not as it should be
We walk the talk; we live up to our commitments and only promise what we know we can achieve
We are honest and transparent every day
We go the extra mile if it means doing things that we can be proud of

We take ownership of everything we do 

Prioritizing comprehensive responsibility is key to ensuring the company’s success, emphasizing a proactive approach to finding solutions instead of focusing on problems, and actively seeking support and utilizing available resources when needed. 

We take deep accountability beyond our own work to ensure the company’s success
We always come up with solutions instead on dwelling on the problem
We lead by example, embodying our values and behaviors, and are never afraid to ask for support when we need it

We push ourselves and our clients further 

Embracing stepping out of our comfort zone for continuous improvement, we value feedback as a catalyst for growth. With confidence, navigating unfamiliar territories, we are equipped to meet evolving client needs. Believing in everyone’s potential, the tools and trust needed for people to learn and develop into their best selves are provided. 

We’re comfortable getting out of our comfort zone in order to continuously improve
We value the feedback we receive as a way to grow to become the best versions of ourselves
We confidently venture into the unknown, knowing that we have the tools to meet our clients’ evolving needs
We believe in everyone’s potential and give them the tools and trust to thrive

We get results that matter 

Prioritizing results over time invested, our focus is on achieving best-in-class work and fulfilling our purpose to serve clients regardless of geography or department. 

We value and prioritize results achieved, not how much effort was put in
We’re laser focused on making sure our work is best in class
We look for the results that add the most value for all our stakeholders
We fulfill our purpose to serve our customers, no matter what team or geography we are in

We work together to achieve great things 

Teamwork is embodied at Zelestra, with mutual support through success and failure to bring out the best in each other and foster an environment where everyone can thrive. 

We're all part of the same team, Zelestra, and we act like it
We succeed and fail together, making sure we bring out the best in each other
We support one another, creating a work environment where everyone can thrive
We prioritize team success over personal egos: we put the needs and goals of the team above our own individual goals

Unwavering vision and values 

We believe in doing what’s best for everybody, every day, and leaving a positive, lasting legacy for generations to come.